The AlphaSmart 3000

As a writer, and published author, I am often distracted when working on a new project. The bells and sounds of notifications are my enemy when it comes to writing on my laptop most times. It is hard for me to fight the urges and ignore. Mainly because I feel as if I will be missing something or it will disappear.

One day while procrastinating with writing, I was strolling the wonderful world of YouTube. I ran across an author who I follow and notice this item in his hand, I later learned was the AlphaSmart 3000. This is what he and more writers like myself use to get work done distraction free.

The AlphaSmart 3000 was released in January 2000 in schools as well as with special education. It is known as an, on the go word processor. It is battery operated which you can get 700 hours of battery use. Comes with a usb cord that you can use with a laptop and computer to upload files. It holds up to 8 files with a 120 pages per file. Light weight and easy to travel with.

I purchased this item for $23 on Amazon and it was fast shipping.

There are different version like the AlphaSmart 2000, DANA, AND NEO.

My overall opinion of this tool is that I think it is the best option for those writers who are easily distracted as well as for kids to use to get away from the internet world for a moment while working on papers.

Leave a comment below and let me know if you use this item or is familiar with this item or know some one who is using this as well.

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